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Randomly Applying Occam's Razor

Jennifer Ford
28 July

Jenna once killed a fly with a rubber band when she couldn’t find a flyswatter and has slain many an insect with her mighty band-fu ever since.

She has been a librarian, an itinerant film critic, a copy editor, a voice-over performer, and got paid for an acting job where she had to cry onstage. She lived most of her life in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but now lives in Chicago which has a much broader selection of shoes.

When not destroying household pests, Jenna sits cross-legged at her computer, writing, and is occasionally drooled upon by her cat, Nuala. Her other cat, Liffey, prefers to remain hidden in the closet for fear of the Roomba®.

Jenna has been known to talk about herself in the third person and make Shakespearean asides at coffee shops.

Friending Policy
If you'd like me to add you to my f'list, please introduce yourself. I do go through periodically and purge my f'list of non-commenters. Since I'm not the best commenter in the world myself, usually this is the result of dead silence, but if I've cut you in error, please let me know!