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Running at Busse Woods

Or How I Became a Disney Princess for an Afternoon!

No, seriously -- this park (more properly it's Ned Brown Preserve and it's one of the many many forest preserves in Illinois) is stuffed with awesome wildlife and running paths. I ran a couple of times there before discovering this, but my third run, I picked a third different path and almost from the first step, I ran into a wildlife montage right out of Enchanted.

First there was the frolicking deer. She came prancing out of the woods into the field as I ran by and danced around like she was having the best day of her life. I was far enough away and the nearest fisherman was, too, that it wasn't full-on nuts for her to be at ease, but still -- wow.

Shortly thereafter, a red-headed woodpecker played peek-a-boo with me from behind two separate trees.

There were, of course, lots of Canada geese wandering around in twos but they were all pretty chill, but once I neared the water, the bird life just exploded. I think I've identified the majority of the little skimmers dancing around eating bugs and dashing over the water like daredevils as chimney swifts.

Oh, and then there were the herons -- both white and great blue. Not to mention the hawk and the jewel-like blue and yellow finches I saw and the countless more common robins and sparrows, red-winged blackbirds, and lots of other birds and beasties I've yet to identify.

I saw more (and more circumspect) deer on my way back, and my next time visiting I saw the woodpecker again along with the braver bird life that just hangs out around the water all the time.

It makes for a very fun running locale and the trails are great. Sure, there is poo to avoid, but most of it is goose poo so what are you going to do? I just dodge around it and try not to get run over by the bikes when I'm forced out of my narrow lane to do so. Fortunately it isn't very busy yet, but if the weather ever warms up, I'm sure it'll get busier with humans and perhaps less so with the animals as they hide from we tourists.

This is a benefit to the commute as I try to get my workouts in before the tiring drive home. With this awful winter, this has mostly involved going to the gym and walking, running, or riding on stationary machines but now that it's finally warming up, I can explore the outdoor options and it looks as if Busse Woods all by itself offers many different paths to choose from.


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May. 23rd, 2014 04:39 pm (UTC)
Heee! That is SO cool. <3
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