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I went for my first outdoor run in over three months today.It was... well, not warm exactly but not cold either AND not snowy and the streets were clear so I could run along the side without worrying about ice or deep puddles. I just stuck to my immediate neighborhood and did two slow miles. I've been back on the treadmill for a few weeks and worked up to two miles, but treadmill miles are easier and faster than street miles and I have to do some street training or my 5K next month will be super duper slow.

The road feels very different from the treadmill (plus you have wind and stop signs and traffic to contend with) but it was nice to get back out there. In the past few months as I stopped running completely and did the stationary bike and other cross-training stuff and looooooots of stretching to allow my plantar fasciitis to heal, I learned to appreciate the gym environment. The cross-training is good for me and I've kept it up even as I've added back the running. I'm not sure what my eventual target mileage will be. Right now I'm only doing a few miles a week and to get up to the 5K, I'm still only going to aim for around 10 miles for the week.

We'll see how my recovery and rebuild progresses. I don't want to descend into a pattern of having to get over some little injury every few months because I've pushed too hard, and I'd rather just run less and do other things, too, than not be able to enjoy being active.

But the slow road is fine for me and I'll stick to it for as long as my feet will let me.



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Mar. 10th, 2014 09:33 pm (UTC)
It's so hard to keep to slow recovery from an injury, when you're used to a certain level of ability. Sometimes, even just listening and paying attention to my body, I find myself pushing too hard, because I feel good! Until I don't. Ugh. But keep at it, and good luck!
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