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In Which Nuala Is Also The Best Cat

Nuala has a urinary tract infection of DOOOOM which we're now on our second (possibly third if the last one was actually not totally cured and this is still that one several weeks later) round of antibiotics to attempt to cure. The first (two?) round was an injection which was GREAT because it did not involve the ongoing dosing of a confused and increasingly resistant clawed animal.

But now we're doing liquid doses, twice a day, shooting what must be a truly foul-tasting mixture into her mouth. If things go well, it hits the back of her mouth and she's just annoyed; if it goes badly, the look of utter disgust she has when she gets it right on her taste buds is truly a thing to see and feel REALLY BAD about causing.

But instead of hating me and fleeing at the very site of me, Nuala generally is just kind of skittish and annoyed for maybe five or ten minutes. And then she's back for pets. I tend to go after her with treats and leave them by wherever she's gone to hide during her brief snit and she eats those pretty quick and then we're pretty much good.

Which means she's The Best (along with Liffey)*.

*Or that she has the memory of a goldfish...but I think it's just that she is The Best.


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