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I'm not really posting much here anymore and when I do, few seem to notice, so I've decided to just let this lovely old LJ account go quiet.

I shook myself free of my brief dalliance with DreamWidth and deleted the account. What I don't need is one more place to not post on the internet!

I renewed my paid LJ membership early this last year to continue avoiding the ads, but I think I'll let that lapse when it comes up for renewal.

I will still be checking my friends posts here, though, and commenting now and then (though many of you are very quiet, too), but most of my online activity is done on Tumblr and Twitter these days (I'm trying to figure out how to extricate myself from Facebook, too).

So if you want to see what I'm up to, here are your options:

Running at Busse Woods

bring it
Or How I Became a Disney Princess for an Afternoon!

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bring it
I went for my first outdoor run in over three months today.Read more...Collapse )


Electric Velocipede

Apparently I missed this though it isn't fresh news. Electric Velocipede, the literary journal in which my last* published short story, Beata Beatrix, was published** is shutting down. Their last issue is #27.

It's very sad to see another speculative fiction magazine go under but not terribly surprising, either. My story's issue (21/22) was plagued by delays and other issues and as happy as I was with the editorial side of things, the getting-the-issue-out side seemed to be a complete nightmare. I was personally frustrated enough by my tiny little part in dealing with that aspect of the situation that I know it must have been just awful for Mr. Klima.

I'm a bit amazed Mr. Klima made it for so many more issues before the frustrations and difficulties he had to deal with beyond the editorial side made it not worth the effort.

So in closing, I'd like to take a moment to raise a glass to Electric Velocipede and to its valiant editor John Klima as we bid the fine magazine farewell. It was an honor to be published in such fine company.

*I'm not much of a short story writer so as it turns out, BB was also my last attempted sale of a short story which makes it a nice coda and not some bitter, "If only I could sell mooooore!" situation.

**As I understood it at the time, Issue 21/22, which my story was in, was their print issue.

In Which Nuala Is Also The Best Cat

Nuala has a urinary tract infection of DOOOOM which we're now on our second (possibly third if the last one was actually not totally cured and this is still that one several weeks later) round of antibiotics to attempt to cure. The first (two?) round was an injection which was GREAT because it did not involve the ongoing dosing of a confused and increasingly resistant clawed animal.

But now we're doing liquid doses, twice a day, shooting what must be a truly foul-tasting mixture into her mouth. If things go well, it hits the back of her mouth and she's just annoyed; if it goes badly, the look of utter disgust she has when she gets it right on her taste buds is truly a thing to see and feel REALLY BAD about causing.

But instead of hating me and fleeing at the very site of me, Nuala generally is just kind of skittish and annoyed for maybe five or ten minutes. And then she's back for pets. I tend to go after her with treats and leave them by wherever she's gone to hide during her brief snit and she eats those pretty quick and then we're pretty much good.

Which means she's The Best (along with Liffey)*.

*Or that she has the memory of a goldfish...but I think it's just that she is The Best.

My Cats are the Best Cats


My cat Liffey is pretty much the Best Cat (don't tell Nuala who is also the Best Cat) because she is *so good* even when she really doesn't want to do what I tell her to.

Like just now, she walked by and I called her back, and for some reason she thought I was going to do something like check her for Klingons (this is not unusual as she is not the best at hygiene), but she just cried piteously in protest and waited for me.

Because she is SO GOOD. So of course I just loved on her because that's all I was going to do. It's been awhile since I've had to get her down and tidy her up, so maybe she felt she was due...

I went out for a run after work, it was sunny and hot, and I had on my sunglasses, but about 10 minutes later when I was nearly a mile from home, UTTER DELUGING DOWNPOUR OF DOOM! Complete with creaking and cracking tree limbs and thunder and lightning.

I actually went into someone's yard and hunkered down by their porch until the trees stopped threatening to fall into the street and then I ran the rest of the way home sopping wet. Made decent time, too.

Kind of a fun adventure in retrospect, but I would have preferred not to have had all the trees looming over me just this once.

And my shoes are completely soaked.

Running On

bring it
Read more about shoes and running and mileage and stuff!Collapse )

Mad Men was AMAZING tonight. I can't wait for TV Club and TLo to post their recaps tomorrow. So much OMG packed into one hour.


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